Juan Traveler Tips on Spending in Boracay

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Tips on Spending in Boracay
So you are already in Boracay. Thanks to your mom and dad who gave you the tickets and pocket money to spend once you’re in the island. Thanks to your ever-supportive boss for giving you a time-out from work  so you can have your vacation that you have eagerly waiting for. Or better yet, thank and reward yourself because after all the hard works you have done, now is the time for you to enjoy a summer geataway in Boracay! Oh please, just a gentle reminder. It’s Boracay, not Bora.
Before we give some helpful tips on spending from your pockets, I assume you already have your early bookings for your hotel or resort accommodation? Well, okay, you forgot.
The Juan Traveler Goes to Boracay
Book your reservations ahead of time or participate to discounts and promos from online travel sites
Let’s jump to Tip #1. – Perhaps you have heard of deal or group sites? There are a lot of them now on the internet and going through them might give you a little help to spend less early on. Some of these deal or group sites gives as much as 50% – 70% for room or hotel accommodations.  All you have to do is carefully plan and check out if these sites are legit. Steps for buying or reserving for vouchers are easy, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions this sites are giving. Some of the sites that I will recommend are the more known like Ensogo, MetroDeal, PlugDeals, CleverTravel, among others. Make sure to ask other people who have previously bought deals with them just to be sure of. I put these sites on the list based on popularity only.
Tip #2. – Booking your seats. Before you get to Boracay, you must book your flight as early as possible. Or, if you have booked a seat sale, make sure you’ll use them before it expires. Normally seat sales are announced on the airline companies website and social networking sites, and these seats once purchased have a time frame on when it will be used. Basically, it’s just good so you can prepare more for your planned trip. But if you are the random type of a person, all you have to do is go to a near booking travel agent who can assist you for your planned vacation. Different rates may be offered to you and it’s up to you to choose from. If you’re not the air flight type of a person, you can get to
The Juan Traveler Goes to Boracay
Book your flight early and spend less
Boracay via boat from Batangas. This is much less expensive but of course, the arrival time will vary versus the airplane booking.
Tip #3. – Going back to tip #1, if you forgot to book your room stay, don’t worry, because there will be (just cross your fingers) available rooms in the island from hotels and nearby room rentals. This will be by chance also. We will never know if and especially if you’re going on a peak season, if rooms will be readily available. You can scour the whole island and hope that you’ll find one. If not, you can set-up a tent by the beach front. Whatever  you like or if it’s comfortable for you.
Before we get to the next tips, the above mentioned are the prime things that you must properly reminded of. Food, activities, or other stuff will be taken care of once you have the first three in order.
Tip #4. – Food. Like what I’ve mentioned above, food will never be a problem and can be taken care of once you are already in Boracay. If you’re staying in a hotel, chances are, you won’t be having problems on spending for your breakfast meals because most of the hotel bookings are inclusive of breakfast meal accommodations. That’s your cue!  What if you’re booking doesn’t include  any meals?
 Just a friendly reminder, if you have enough money to spend within the hotel you are staying, treat yourselves and enjoy the hotel food because 90% of the hotels will offer great and appetizing main course to their guests.
The Juan Traveler Goes to Boracay
For this BBQ meal, you’ll spend a little beyond P50 – p100 per person
Or keep on strolling the beach front, beyond the strips are restaurants, bars and kiosks and other food joints where you can spend from a little over P150 per person up to P475 for a buffet meal per pax. For budget tight and conscious individuals, you can just go to some fast foods like Andok’s, Shakey’s, Yellow Cab or carinderia styled joints like Big Mamas (located in-between Station 1 and 2) or Michaella’s (Station 3) for the turo-turo food joint.
If you can spend too much, try MESA, Hap Chan, Casa Pilar, Golden Phoenix, and cafe’s like Starbucks are also available in the island.
For those who are really saving up for some important things to buy, we advise you to be on the look-out for hotel and resorts agents who will casually walk into you and will invite you for a free lunch or dinner. This is one great chance to save some dough right?  Especially when you’re really on that tight budget. According to our source, everyday, these agents casually invite island guests approaching them just before lunch or dinner time. But there is a catch. After you eat, you will be ask to listen to a sales talk and will encourage you to their time-share membership.If you’re the type of person who’s willing to listen to this kind of marketing talk, then go ahead and grab this free meal. After all, if you have nothing to do and you want to enjoy a free meal, there’s no harm with it. Just makes sure you are prepared for a 90-minute sales talk after you consume your food. Remember, if you don’t feel like listening to another sales talk, then, politely decline their offer of a free meal and save yourself from being pressured of buying a membership plan.
Tip #5. – Activities. There are lot of activities available in the island. From boat rides, helmet diving, snorkeling, island hopping and many more. Cost of these adventures may range from a little over P1,000 up to P3,000 per person. If you have budget for these activities, go and try them. It’s not everyday that you can enjoy and feel the experience in Boracay. But again, if you do not have enough dough, you can still enjoy the island by doing some sports like frisbee, jogging, vollyball, and of course, swimming. These will not cost you anymore beyond your budget.
Tip #6. – Drinks and Partying. Just like the food hubs, there are many bars, café and entertainment that you can enjoy during the night time. Bars and clubs like Julies, Epic and others offer party til the sunrise. Local beers ranges from The
The Juan Traveler Goes to Boracay
Partying and drinks can also be affordable in Boracay
regular P50 and imported costs beyond P100. 
Happy Hour is also available as early as 3 p.m. up to 11 p.m. Actually you can enjoy all of these even if you don’t have the money to spend. You can just bring your own drinks and stroll along the beach or enjoy the beats and sounds outside the bar’s vicinity. Most of the entertainments are open to public, so you won’t have to spend more.
Tip #7. Pocket Money. Of course, aside from these spending, you must also be ready to have enough pocket money to buy pasalubongs, needs for personal hygiene’s, and most important of all, to pay the terminal (excess baggage also) and transport fees going from Manila airport to Boracay and going back home. Don’t miss this out, because without this extra change or pocket money, you might not get home anymore. A little over P1,000 but not more than P1,500 is all you need for these fees.
So how much does an average person must have when he or she is in Boracay? In a nutshell, minus the airfare (or boat fare), room reservations and important fees (terminal and transportation), for a three-day stay, I would say P1,500 will be good enough for affordable meals that you can find in the island. For a high-end cravings, prepare a little over or above P3,000 for your food and drinks. Now, if you’re availing the outdoor water activities, a total of P10,000 per person will bring the Boracay getaway more satisfying and enjoyable for your experience.
Average expense per person* (3 days): P3,000.00 *plus airfare and room reservations.
High end expense per person* (3 days): P4,500.00 – P5,000 *plus airfare and room reservations.
High end expense per person* (3 days) + outdoor activities: P11,500 *plus airfare and room reservations.
Hope we shared some valuable tips for you just in case you are planning to go to Boracay this Summer. Boracay doesn’t have to be expensive but if you have the resources – atm’s are strategically located in areas in the beach front, spend what you can. 
Lastly, you can still go back to Boracay next time and if you  can’t spend right now, maybe on your next visit, you can.

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*originally posted on March 27, 2012

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