The Juan Traveler Goes to Boracay

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The Juan Traveler Goes to Boracay

It has been a long-wait to finally have a weekend getaway, to free myself from the hustle and bustles of the city. Time to getaway from work, even if it just for a while. And thanks to my Boracay companion, for she was the one who coined The Juan Traveler title for our new blog site. We will move to a .com soon! But before that, let me share our recent Boracay trip – a 3-day weekend vacation of fun, laughter, food, relaxation, swimming, frisbee, sleep, and would you believe, we didn’t use our mobile gadgets to communicate to the busy world for three days! That’s a feat already! So now let me start to share you our first travel for this blog site: The Juan Traveler Goes to Boracay.

The Juan Traveler Goes to Boracay via Cebu Pacific Air

I booked this Boracay trip first week of March, this year. and I am happy that I haven’t met any problems booking our flight with Cebu Pacific Air – particularly at the Robinsons Galeria office. After confirming our flight schedule, I made a reservation with Boracay Garden Resort, located at the Station 2 in Boracay. Like our flight booking, as soon as I contacted the person for the reservation with the hotel, I got my confirmation within a few minutes only. Me and my companion, let’s call her True, booked for a 3 day/2 night stay.

Our flight schedule was on an early Friday morning. We have to meet-up at Gateway Cubao around 2 a.m. and from there on we proceed to NAIA terminal 3 in Pasay City.

We came at the airport as early as 3 a.m. and we checked-in so we would have more time to relax before our 6:00 a.m. flight.

The airport was not congested but of course there were lots of travelers and backpackers who came in and out of the arrival and departure area. There’s a funny story while we were lined-up on our check-in counter. We were hearing roosters croaking inside the Cebu Pacific Belt 3. We were wondering how and wth why there was a rooster inside the airport until we found out that one of the passenger was carrying a box containing a rooster. We thought that croaking was an alarm clock to get people up and going. Ha ha ha!

Before the flight, I took a nap and we had a little snack to fill-in our tummies. Good thing there are many food stores inside the airport.

When our boarding pass were called we lined up for the departure door going to the bus that will take us to our Cebu Pacific Air plane. Among the passengers, were the usual tourists and groups.

The Juan Traveler Goes to Boracay Garden Resort

Once inside the plane, we were seated just two rows behind the exit area door, near the nose of the plane and over-looking the propeller. The usual reminder and safety tips were given by our two pretty flight attendants. And one hour of flying thousand feet above sea level, we reached safely the  Godofredo Ramos Airport in Caticlan. After paying for another set of transport fees, we head on to the port area to ride a boat that will take us to Boracay Island beach. We also had to ride a tricycle after disembarking the boat. We came at Boracay Garden Resort  at around 8:00 a.m., too early for our scheduled check-in time.

We were welcome by nice smiles and friendly staffs who accommodated us while we were preparing to check-in at the 5-star hotel. While we wait, we left our bags at the luggage area and had our early breakfast at the resort’s Garden Café. Breakfast at this place is mouth-watering and will leave you full to keep you going within the early morning.

Boracay Garden Resort is a subsidiary of Henann Resorts, owner and operator of Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Spa, Regency Lagoon Resort, Boracay and Henann Resort at Alona Beach Bohol.

The resort rests on a two-hectare property located at the center of Station 2. It has 201 well-appointed deluxe and premiere rooms with charming and elegant interiors. It features premiere rooms with direct access to the pool and family rooms that can fit up to six persons.

We noticed that a large of number of guests of Boracay Garden Resort are Koreans and few English and American tourists. True and I joked around if we were still in the Philippines or not because of the many Koreans around. This is  not surprising because, for a fact, Koreans have embraced the well-loved beach of Boracay and some of the establishments along the beach already caters for Koreans. I’ve seen Korean tourist guide accompanying his fellow Koreans in groups showing the beauty of the beach strip.

Commercialism also invaded the island with so many souvenir shops, fast food, convenient stores, restaurants, spa, diving shops and other tourist attraction novelty stores.

The Juan Traveler and True Goes to Boracay

For two straight days, we enjoyed the cool and relaxing sea water of Boracay from morning, noon and late afternoon that burnt our skin – evidence of a Boracay adventure.  Bikini and toned bodies flaunts everywhere. I spotted some celebrities in the island and just to respect their privacy, I’m not going to mention their names here anymore. People, celebrity or not, came to the island to spend quality time, to have fun and relax from work. But of course, one reason why tourists love  Boracay is because of the nightlife which is evident in the island. By night time, bars and entertainment scenes arises for guests who loves to party hard.

Back to the day time beach bumming, there are a lot of activities that can be enjoyed in the island. Agents spread around calling for guests to try Helmet diving, Para-Sailing, Snorkeling, Banana Boat Ride, etc. Aside from these adventures (which will cost at around a minimum of P1,000 – depending on the activity), island visitors can also enjoy sports like beach volleyballs, surfing, frisbee, jogging and brisk walking along the shores.

All in all, there are many things that you can do and enjoy when you are in Boracay. it’s a no wonder, why some of the tourists goes back again to this island. While there are stories that Boracay is not the same as it was some few years ago when it comes to its beauty because the place has become congested already, I will say that Boracay is still a wonderful place to stay. I must commend the left and right reminders (on billboards) of the safety and the keeping the beauty of the island intact by reminding people not to smoke and litter. Or if you really cannot stop smoking, there are areas designated. Smoking within the beach front is strictly prohibited. Police and life guard visibility is also a good sign that will keep guests feel safe during their stay.

Boracay Island scenic view

In case you get lost (but I think you will not), there are also maps located along the strips to ease your beach strolling.

Budget for a Boracay trip should never be a problem for you. I know that some people are afraid to go to Boracay because they think that it is a very expensive trip. This is just a myth, mind you. On my next article, I will show you how to spend and why a Boracay trip is not that expensive.

If you have questions or tips, you may comment below or email us at If you have something to share from your last Boracay trip, feel free to write us and we’ll share it to everyone reading our The Juan Traveler.

This is all for now. Thank you very much for spending your time with our first article. Remember, you were the first one to read this. We’ll be coming up with more travel stories and tips so come back again here!

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*Originally posted on March 26, 2012


6 thoughts on “The Juan Traveler Goes to Boracay

  1. Wow! You really had a fun stay in Boracay. No one can truly resist the beauty of this island. A perfect place to spend our vacation. You can spend a lot of activities and can have a time to relax too. Nice job for posting this. Thanks for sharing.

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