The Juan Traveler Eat’s A Destination: Roboto San Japanese Grill Buffet

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Roboto San Japanese Grill Buffet welcomes its customer with its robot-inspired theme.

There’s a new place where you can enjoy mouth-savoring Yakiniku – meaning “grilled meat” and Sushi right inside the heart of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig! It’s called Roboto San Japanese Grill Buffet and is upstairs, 2nd level of the Crossroads building in 32nd st., near MC Home Depot. It just opened last April 16, 2012.

It’s an all-you-can eat buffet with a robot-inspired themed restaurant. It’s really “cool” inside. Food servers are wearing costumes like they are the guards of Camp Big Falcon in the famed Voltes V cartoon series.

Japanese grilled food is always great and I always enjoy the skewered or what they call Yakitori – love that bite-sized chicken! And of course, I love the Sushi bar! Although there’s nothing exemplary with the choices, what sets Roboto San apart from the rest is it’s unique ambiance. Like what I’ve told you, it is a robot-inspired restaurant. The interior design is very catchy and has that characteristic, like you are being brought back to your childhood when robots like Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Daimos, etc., reigned the era.

Tables and chairs are elaborately designed with colors and images of  robot characters.

Weekday lunch here will cost you P499, while weekday dinner costs at P599 – all per person. Weekend and Holiday sets at P599 and children below 4 ft. is charged for P380. Quite average for buffet lovers.

My Yakiniku plate (left) and Sushi and Sashimi choices (right).

Drinks here are charged separately, so an additional P75 will take you to a drink-all-you-can refreshments.

It’s a perfect place also where families and friends could spend time together and share stories of the day while cooking their food on the grilling table. This is where bonding time takes its advantage to the best. And just for it’s ambiance, I will recommend Roboto San for you to experience.

The Yakiniku station.

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By the way, Roboto San Japanese Grill buffet is another food venue from the makers of SumoSam, Marciano’s, John and Yoko, and Mr. Kurusawa. It is also a brainchild of restaurateur, Ricky Laudico.

You can visit their Facebook Page at

Food: Approved!
Price: Approved!
Venue: Approved!


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