Go Na To Malabon Kulinarya Food Festival!

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Malabon City’s Kulinarya Festival 2012

Do you know that Malabon City is celebrating it 413th Malabon Foundation Day? And since April 21 of last month, Malabon has been celebrating a month-long  festival to commemorate its foundation day that happens every May 21st.

In connection with the month-long festivity, The Malabon Tourism Council has pledged their full support, together with the other food establishments in the City, to promote and boost economic activity in the area through holding of such festivals. One thing more, this is the first time that the City government has implemented such festival under the governance of Acting City Mayor LenLen Oreta.

In his opening speech during the opening of the Kulinarya Festival at Dampa sa Paseo, Oreta explained that they want to share the culinary wonders and distinct taste of Malabon dishes to more people within the region and the country as well through this festival. We were there today (May 15) to witness the grand affair together with other foodies and bloggers, through the invitation of fellow blogger Mhel Ignacio, who also hails from Malabon.

Acting City mayor LenLen Oreta with the foodie bloggers.

A cooking demo was held spearheaded by Ms. Annie Pascual-Guerrero, the founder of Center for Culinary Arts, Manila. She was assisted by Chef Mira Cruz. Both of them are also originally from Malabon.

Ms. Annie Pascual-Guerrero (right) with Chef Mira Cruz (left).

They showed how to cook Adobong Pusit and their original Sumpia while sharing the rich culinary heritage of Malabon.

Among the food and delicacies that were displayed (and later on were opened for food tasting) were Crispy Pata, Dinuguan, Relyenong Bangus, the famous Pancit Malabon, Pichi-Pichi, Sapin-Sapin, Okoy, Cookies, Peanut Butter, Atchara, Menudo, Ginataang Labong, and many many more! I’ll be running out of spaces if I would include all of the food served during this Kulinarya Festival opening.

The famous Pancit Malabon.

If you missed this grand affair, there’s no need to worry. On May 16-18, from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, you can visit the Food Bazaar and Tiangge which will be held at the parking lot of the Malabon City Hall. More than 30 food and non-food establishments will participate for this 3 day Kulinarya Festival.

On May 21, which is the actual Malabon Day celebration, there will be a cooking competition amiong senior citizens and cooking enthusiasts aged 18-35 years. If you’re a resident of Malabon, maybe you could visit the City hall and ask on how to register for this cooking competition which will be held at the Malabon Amphitheater. A P5,000 cash prize will be given to the emerging Grand Kulinarya champion while non-winners will be given grocery packs.

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Like what Dra. Grace Franciso Torres, Chairman of the Malabon Tourism Council proudly said, “The City has a lot to offer more than its famous Pancit Malabon and it is up for the visitors to discover these potentials when they travel to Malabon.


3 thoughts on “Go Na To Malabon Kulinarya Food Festival!

  1. Thanks for writing about our city's event. Glad you enjoyed yourself and hope you visit us again soon! I linked you back on my post. Thanks! 🙂

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