Finally, Starbucks in Marilao

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Photo of Starbucks Coffee inside the SM Marilao. Picture taken using HTC phone-camera.

Though this may sound and appear like a long over-due, the fact is, it is.

Starbucks coming to Marilao (SM City Marilao) is a milestone for the city government under the province of Bulacan. It is a status symbol that every town and city most likely want to achieve. There is (or was) a running joke that if a place has no Starbucks (yet), it means that civilization hasn’t come forth to that place.  Well of course, it is (or was) a joke and such a rough sarcasm aim to belittle a place because of the non-existence of a Starbucks Coffee shop.

So, for Marilao City, it’s a hooray day for them. Or is it?

A lot of local and foreign coffee shop emerged over the years, and Starbucks has just become “one of those” where customers and coffee-lovers would have prefer and have many choices to sip their favorite latte, espresso or frap. Too many choices, a lot of competition.

Now the question, is the coming of Starbucks in Marilao is as fresh as much to the cravings of the coffee lovers? Or does it still have that “magic touch” that it holds since it came and opened its first retail store in the Philippines on December 4, 1997?

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Starbucks Coffee is located right in front of BDO at the right wing, ground floor level of SM City Marilao.


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