Empowering Travelers Through Meet Manila Tertulia Night

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Meet Manila’s Launch Party: Tertulia Night for #ThoughtfulTourism

It was like a race that I had to speed up the time going to Adarna Food and Culture from NUVALI in Laguna to attend Meet Manila Launch Party: A Tertulia Night for Thoughtful Tourism. Glad that there were no heavy traffic during that Wednesday night.

Wait. I heard you. Tertulia Night? Yeah, I know what you were thinking ‘coz I myself got lost in that invitation too. So before I jumped into that special occasion, I searched for the meaning of “tertulia” and found out that it was a Spanish word which means “social gathering”. A typical tertulia in recent centuries has been a regularly scheduled event in a public place such as a bar, although some tertulias are held in more private spaces, such as someone’s living room. So there you go, that’s a short description of what tertulia means.

Meet Manila Launch Party with guests and Ysobel Hamidjojo (4th from right)

And right it is. Meet Manila is a tertulia of online travel groups and bloggers coinciding with the celebration of the launch of MeetManila.com and the oneness of the online travel community through a themed gathering. It was a wonderful sight seeing some of the guests and the people behind Meet Manila wearing Filipiniana-inspired gowns and barongs.

A cultural dance showing the rich heritage of the Philippines.

I am glad that I made it even though I was a little bit late when I got there. Although, I got a little bit surprised when I arrived at Adarna (this was my second time to visit this wonderful Filipino themed restaurant) and was confused if I came in the right schedule. The place was enveloped with darkness. I even thought to myself that maybe this was an added gimmick for the night – to put a little drama on the occasion. Only when I saw some colleagues that I was told that there was a power failure that caused an electrical interruption. But hey! It did not stopped people from coming in and participating the launch party hosted by Vince Golangco of When in Manila. Supposedly, Carlos Celdran was the main host of the night but something came up and Vince (as co-host) pinched-in for the famed tourist guide. Carlos arrived afterwards and enjoyed some photo ops and mingled with the guests of the party. Also present that night as guest speaker was Ivan Henares, of Ivan About Town.

Carlos Celdran, a renowned tour guide, owns Walk This Way and RH Bill Advocate.

Those were just some behind-the-scenes of the evening.

The Meet Manila Launch Party: A Tertulia Night for Thoughtful Tourism was also the venue to celebrate the game-changers; and the empowering of travelers who may be a nomad, a group, a blogger, a photographer or any travel and tourism enthusiast who share Meet Manila’s advocacy and passion for Philippine tourism.

The event also recognized a short-listed community heroes from all walks of life through Meet Manila’s initiative, Meet a Hero.

Meet a Hero aims to find and feature well-deserving Filipino citizens who lead for a good cause. These game-changers are self-driven by their knowledge, motivated by their passion, and are not afraid to fight for what they believe in.

In no particular order, here are the list of the first batch of Meet a Hero Awardees:

1. Carlos Celdran – Walk This Way
2. Jayvee Fernandez – Diving In The Philippines
3. Winston Almendras – Batang Yagit
4. Imee Marcos – Ilocos Norte
5. Loren Legarda – Luntiang Pilipinas
6. Beth Angsioco – DSWP
7. Jay Jaboneta – Yellow Boats Foundation
8. Melissa & Francesca Villa-Mateo – Project Pearls
9. Antonio Ingles – Aral Pinoy
10. Lynn Pinugu – Mano Amiga Pilipinas
11. Niccolo Cosme – Project Headshot Clinic
12. Lito Perez – Filipino Heritage & Fashion
13. Froilan Grate – Mother Earth Foundation
14. Anna Oposa – Save Philippine Seas

Meet Manila official event poster with the Meet a Hero Awardees

Meet Manila’s advocacy do not end here and because the heart of #ThoughtfulTourism are the travelers, Meet Manila aims to bridge Travelers and Sponsors for the empowerment of worry-free adventures to promote #ThoughtfulTourism.

These are the names of the first empowered travelers who were chosen by generous Sponsors to be part of Meet Manila’s vision, in the hopes of providing continuity for the cause of promoting and preserving Philippines’ places and cultures:

1. Manyel Oyek
2. Mai Flores
3. Tim Libunao
4. Rogelio Gabiano
5. Jaypee David
6. Macy Anonuevo
7. Vera Venus
8. Reah Mocorro
9. Aleah Taboclaon

I do look forward that my name and travel blog gets to be listed both in Meet a Hero and Empowered Travelers for #ThoughtfulTourism someday!

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for more interesting updates!

Before I forget, Meet Manila is a brainchild of Ysobel Hamidjojo of Loudwhistle Inc. to promote Philippine travel, culture, and tourism.

Carlos Celdran together with Ysobel Hamidjojo.

To Meet Manila, congratulations for putting all of these together. This is a great advocacy and rest assured that The Juan Traveler and my other sites (Juan Manila Express and Social Plus Magazine) will be joining you in this wonderful endeavor!



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