Indulging Stay at Remington Hotel

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(L-R): Ruth Floresca, Alex Dizon, Enrico Dee, Rod Magaru, Myke Soon (sitting), Elpidio beloso Jr. – Assistant VP for Butler Services Department,  Jeman Villanueva, Lisa Delfin, Christine Ibarreta, Ferds Bondoy, John Michael Bueno (not shown) and Juan Manila.

Everybody wants to be pampered and indulge in activities that others will refer to as “pang-mayaman” because of the luxurious, elegant and expensive belief that connotes the street lingo. True as it might be. Because some of the leisure will really require you to involve and dig into your pocket and if you’re fortunate enough, you won’t dip your hands in a pocket with a big hole inside.

Lucky for me (and my fellow bloggers) we were invited last May 28, 2012 to be the 1st batch of bloggers to enjoy an overnight stay-in and tour inside the newly-opened (but still on it’s soft-opening) and elegantly-looking valued-hotel that is, Remington Hotel. Remington Hotel is situated inside the Resorts World Manila’s vicinity and right across NAIA Terminal 3 in Pasay City.

Remington Hotel is a budget-friendly hotel which caters to couples and families .

This invitation, through Jeman Villanueva was initiated by Miss Christine U. Ibarreta, Assistant Vice President – Hotel/Sales and Marketing, Resorts World Manila. I’ve met Miss Christine early last year and she is a very warm, friendly and accommodating person to be with. Thanks to her and to Miss Lisa Delfin, Sales Coordinator, Hotel/Sales and Marketing, for joining us while they toured our group since we checked-in and right until we checked-out the following day.

Remington Hotel is a budget-friendly hotel which caters to couples and families who might be needing quality time together. A 3-star hotel with a 712 standard rooms and 89 serviced apartments that are available for overnight or long-stay. Remington Hotel sits on the vast area where Resorts World Manila is located and everything is integrated with entertainment and lifestyle facilities altogether. Guests of Remington Hotel need not to go away very far because of the various shopping, restaurant, games, cinemas and entertainment that they will find inside RWM.

The standard room at Remington Hotel.

On our Day 1, our group gathered in the lobby after we checked-in. Miss Christine and Lisa discussed with us the features of Remington Hotel. Afterwards, we toured the hotel and were shown of the types of room that the valued-hotel has to offer. The rate for a standard room goes for P3,900+++ while serviced apartments priced at P4,900+++. The price is not bad and considering the unique feature of Remington Hotel, you won’t feel like checking-in a 3-star rather you feel like checking-in on a 5-star hotel. Don’t just take my word for it. Try it!

Serviced apartment.

After the tour, we went to GAMEZOO, one of RWM’s latest entertainment and gaming arcade for kids (and kids alike). Well, GAMEZOO is not just an arcade, it’s an all-in-one recreational destination for the entire family.

GAMEZOO is an all-in-one recreational destination for the entire family.

We were given the chance to experience the 6D Mini Theater, and I will tell you this. This is much better than the 4D Ride! We got wet with the wild ride of the 6D experience!

After the fun tour, our next stop was at Maxims Hotel – the internationally-known 5-star hotel. Room rates here starts at P14,800+++ for an overnight stay. You can just imagine how the service is here at Maxims Hotel! This hotel is perfect for mixing both business and leisure time.

Maxims Hotel Ambassador Suite.

Next stop and for a perfect indulgence, we had our “merienda” dessert at GELATO located at Cafe Maxims. Ice cream! I ordered a 100g Pistachio and Ferrero flavored and my oh my! Sweets for my sweet tooth! You just got to try that combination. Our group consisting of Myke Soon, Jeman, Enrico Dee, Rod Magaru, John Michael Bueno, Ruth Dela Cruz, Ferds Bondoy and Alex Dizon really enjoyed a wonderful time while soaking our mouth with ice cream!

Pistachio and Ferrero combined flavor from GELATO.

And what’s next after GELATO? Well, we had to get some rest first, so we headed back to our designated rooms. Oh by the way, we were given a standard room for each one of us. Our room has two-bed, Flat screen TV, electronic keycards, and best of all, a designated Wi-Fi connection. Cool, isn’t it? Come dinner time, Miss Christine and Lisa brought us to Mercado, which is located inside RWM’s casino area.

On our dinner table, Rod was joked around of our very-generous and luxurious accommodation because from lunch all throughout dinner we were served buffet meals and it looks like we couldn’t get enough of it! This is the life everyone is dreaming of and we were just fortunate to experienced it. We are not bragging but it’s real. I, myself was just lucky that I was included in the list of the 1st batch of bloggers who were chosen to participate this blogging event.

After dinner, we went back to our rooms and got to rest for a while before we head back to 360 Bar to watch Filipiniana Nights, Lights! Camera! Action!, and DRAYBERS live performance as we enjoyed couple of drinks. I stayed there for a while and as soon as the alcohol kicked-in my system, I went back to my room to get an early sleep. Some of the group stayed in 360 Bar until the wee hours of the morning.

Come morning, I woke up and met the rest of the group at Remington Hotel’s mini-bar where our breakfast buffet is served. This is what I have been looking forward to and I’m glad that breakfast here is truly appetizing! Breads and cereals are on the menu but I have to go for a Filipino breakfast which is Chicken Adobo, Fried Rice, Scrambled Egg, Longganisa and coffee. I went back to a second round and I loved their Longganisa because it is very tasty and meaty. Sarap!

Breakfast meal of Adobo, Fried Rice,  Scrambled Egg, and Longganisa.

By the way, Miss Christine and Lisa left us after our dinner on the first day and they came early the following day to join us on our breakfast. They really are heads-up with their guests. We really appreciated their time for sharing them with us all throughout the 2-day stay.

After another round of chit-chat, some of the group left early for another engagement while I waited until my stay ended that 12noon. Official check-in time at Remington Hotel is 2PM and check-out is at 12noon.

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There it is! These were our Remington Hotel experience and we are grateful to Miss Christine, Lisa and everyone who put this blogger event altogether. It was a great experience to feel the comfort of staying at Remington Hotel.

Incidentally, and I hope that this gets to you, our dear readers, before this exciting promo ends. Remington Hotel is having a Room Sale where you can buy a standard room accommodation from May 28-31 for P1,450* only! Once purchased, you may use it anytime up until December 2012. Hurry because this Room Sale is being sold fast! To know more about the details, visit  Remington Hotel Values The Worth Of The OFWs for the complete details.

Until the next hotel experience!


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