Our Passport to US, Beijing, Bohol Trip and More!

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Traveling always brings a different kind of excitement, regardless of destination. We take loads of pictures to remember the places that we’ve been to and to capture that special moment. Sometimes, people equate traveling to something that always comes with a price. But now just by taking your favorite SBC cup or mug with you when you travel here or abroad, you can get a chance to travel again for free!


Your photo entitled Katipunero’s Coffee Break has been accepted in the Me and My Traveling SBC photo contest by Seattle’s Best Coffee!

Your photo is now eligible for voting*!

You are now in the running to win awesome prizes, including a trip for 2 to the USA!

You may now view your album by clicking here!

Thank you for joining and continue traveling to your favorite destinations with SBC!


*Winning entries will be determined through 50% public voting and 50% judging. See full mechanics for details.”

Yes! The Juan Traveler has officially submitted a photo entry and is now IN for voting/likes for the Me and My Traveling SBC  contest. And oh yes! We are now campaigning this photo entry for your votes/likes. So dear friends, If this is not too much to ask for, please vote/like for our entry.

Please vote/like our entry.  We truly appreciate your help dear friends.

This entry was taken during our photowalk inside the famed wall of Intramuros in Manila during the celebration of Philippines 114th Independence Day. In line, with the Me and My Traveling SBC  theme, this image depicts the Spanish era of our times when Katipuneros defended our country from the ruling Spaniards. Thus, the Katipunero-clad man seen in the photo is a historical figure that is visibly and eye-catching for tourist who visits Intramuros. The man, inspired by the uniform of the Katipuneros gamely posed with us as we requested him for a unique photo ops for Seattle’s Best Coffee contest.

Voting/liking is very simple. In simple mechanics, you just have to register and log-in to Me and My Traveling SBC gallery page and look for our entry. Click here to jump into our entry.

By doing so, you are now capable of voting/liking our entry. One more thing. You must have a valid code to vote/like the entries. One drink purchase to any Seattle’s Best Coffee branch entitles you to one code entry (one drink = one code) which you can use to vote/like. Visit here to know how to get your codes and for full mechanics.

Sample code.

By voting/liking, you will earn the chance to win these special prizes: Apple iPad2 16gb with WiFi; Nikon D3100; and Apple iPod Nano 8gb. See details here.

When you cast your votes/likes, you increase our chance to win any of the prize trips: Round trip ticket for two to US; Round trip ticket for two to Beijing; and/or all expense-paid accommodation (3D/2N) for two to Bohol Beach Club. 

And by casting multiple votes/likes, you are increasing your chances for winning any of the Apple iPad2 16gb with WiFi; Nikon D3100; and Apple iPod Nano 8gb. See voting period here.

It’s a win-win game here. Click here to view prizes.

As a contestant for the Me and My Traveling SBC photo contest, we’ll get our chance to win the trip.

As a voter/liker, you’ll increase your chance to win the voters/likers prizes.

And as we buy/purchase our drinks at Seattle’s Best Coffee, kids from World Vision will benefit where part of the proceeds will go to the children’s education program of World Vision.

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For detailed blog article, please visit http://www.juanmanilaexpress.com/2012/06/win-a-trip-to-the-us/.

Remember, every drink purchase we made at Seattle’s Best Coffee, we help fund  the children’s education of World Vision.

Visit and LIKE Seattle’s Best Coffee Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/seattlesbestcoffeephilippines.


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