ClawDaddy’s Boiling Bags

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ClawDaddy’s Great American Picnic in Bonifacio High Street.

If you are looking for fresh seafood meals that will really rock your palate, I suggest you head on to ClawDaddy’s and fill-up your gastronomical satisfaction with their freshest and flavorful seafood meals, fresh from the catch!

Oh yes! This is not an exaggeration because ClawDaddy’s only serve the freshest and right of the day’s newest catch from Davao and other parts of the sea in Mindanao and Visayas. That is a fact straight from Executive Chef and one of the owners, Peter Ayson, when this inquisitive author asked about where they get their seafood’s during one of our dinner trips at their branch in Bonifacio High Street.

ClawDaddy’s Great American Picnic in B6, Bonifacio High Street.

One thing that is unique about ClawDaddy’s is their food presentation and how they pioneered in serving meals in different ways that is very new to customers, like us. Today, Clawdaddy’s presents the Boiling Bags. A traditional way of boiling shells, clams, crabs, prawns and other seafood’s but in a very new and innovative procedure called Boiling Bags. Boiling Bags lets seafood’s boil in it’s own juices while being pressurized in a food-grade non-toxic plastic bag, which is by the way, is the very first of it’s kind here in the Philippines.

Seafood Boil In A Bag

A brief backgrounder. This Boiling Bags procedure is already existing in America for more than 10 to 12 years already, for the process of preserving the natural flavors of seafood’s without compromising the taste. ClawDaddy’s uses 12 spices ingredients along the seafood’s in one boiling bag container until it cooked to its perfection.

Have you tried the Boiling Bags?

The Boiling Bags is a smorgasbord of seafood’s, corn cobs, slices of lemon, potato, garlic, and other spices mixed altogether to give the natural and distinct seafood flavor. An order of Boiling Bags is perfect for group – family and/or barkada.

Seafood feast!

Here are the choices for ClawDaddy’s Boiling Bags:

Seafood Boil In A Bag – P1,495.
All Shrimp Boiling Bag – P995.
Shellfish Boiling Bag – P995.
Maryland Crab Boiling – P1,495.
Louisiana Crab and Shrimp Boiling Bag – P1,495.

And here are the selections for Boiling Bags flavor:

Seafood Boil Spice
Garlic Butter
Creole Cajun
ClawDaddy’s Spice

I tried the Seafood Boil In A Bag, and All Shrimp Boiling Bag in flavors of Seafood Boil Spice, Garlic Butter,  and ClawDaddy’s Spice all in one sitting! It was like a seafood festival on our table when it was served to us. Our group couldn’t wait to have our turns hand-picking the shells, clams, prawns, crabs, and almost everything in it. Never mind if it feels messy, but it’s not. At ClawDaddy’s, customers are provided with bib, towel and a handy bucket to throw-off cobs of corn and shells.

The handy bucket full of throw-aways.

Next time you visit ClawDaddy’s, make sure to try the Boiling Bags. ClawDaddy’s menu offers the ‘best’ in a unique ambiance – an experience of Claw-getherness, or the chance for family and friends to bond through food.

This is what I had on my plate!

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ClawDaddy’s also have branches in The Ledge, Shangri-La Plaza Mall (ClawDaddy’s Osteria Americana); SM Mall of Asia, 2/F (ClawDaddy’s Osteria Americana); Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, laguna (ClawDaddy’s Great American Picnic); and soon to open in Level 1 Harbor Point, Subic Bay (ClawDaddy’s Great American Picnic Subic).

Food: Approved!
Price: Approved!
Service: Approved!
Location: Approved!


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