What I Think of The KFC Cheese Top Burger

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Can you help me spot the cheese on top?

Just like when I wrote The Big N’ Tasty Fairy Tale on Juan Manila Express, the new KFC Cheese Top Burger, dubbed as streetwise, seems to be another fairy tale because of the not-so-ordinary cheese on top of the burger innovation that this fast-food came up on their new product. Things we only read and saw on a fairy tale stories.

But today, it has brought forth to life!

I tried the Cheese Top Burger, not once but twice, and twice it was less of a satisfaction. First time I tasted it, I said to myself, “Hey, where’s the cheese on top?” Oh yeah, the cheese was nowhere in sight – I search for the sample ads poster and I saw a different Cheese Top Burger version where a thick slice of cheese is visibly noticed on top of the bun. I ate it anyway. I had a tummy filled from that. Truly, it was a treat after all, after coming home from a day’s work. I cannot deny that it can fill-up the hunger, and for only P50 (with a regular drink), this could be another value-for-money treat. What more can you ask for?

But wait, where’s the cheese?

This is how the Cheese Top Burger should have look like.

The following week (that is today), I bought another Cheese Top Burger, hoping this time, the cheese would be perfectly visible on top, just like what they had advertised. On my second cheese on top adventure, there was a cheese! But it’s not for me to rejoice. The cheese is still not the same from the ads version. The cheese on the bun is so thin I could see-through it and see the bun instead. And the wrapper they used on my second try was from a Classic Chicken Burger, because according to the food attendant that I questioned, they ran out of the Cheese Top Burger wrapper. Lame?

I know, I should be kind in how I describe the Cheese Top Burger, but what can I do, if I felt a little less satisfied? Let’s stay on the honest to goodness opinion here. And then there was this Jimmy Kimmel parody of this new product. See how they made fun of the Cheese Top Burger?

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For the taste, it does have that kick but on the other side, it won’t make me want to go back and order for another round. I did order for the second time because I want to give this product another chance. But still my verdict falls short.

Photo from the ads.

What I think of the KFC Cheese Top Burger? P’re, pitikin mo nga ako

Product: Have to think again.
Price: Approved.
Availability: Available at any KFC stores.


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