A Crispylicious 4 FINGeRS Experience

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4 FINGeRS is located at the SM City North EDSA.

I couldn’t sleep. I know. My mind has been bugging me in my sleep to up my review or else sleep will be denied unto me!

Yesterday, upon my curiosity as to why a friend of mine keeps on coming back to her favorite fast-food and religiously checking-in on Foursquare, I asked her to accompany me so that I may taste it myself and be the judge if this place is worth visiting.

4 FINGeRS graffiti wall.

Upon entering, I could already sense a feel-good experience with its cool ambiance, an urban ghetto L.A. graffiti walls and a feel of a high security walled establishment if you get crazed and wacko! Imagine when you go to their restroom and you’ll find a heavy-looking stainless door that looks like a heavily secured bank vault! If that won’t make you go crazy, I just don’t know man!

Your trip to 4 FINGeRS restroom will definitely make you crazy!

The name 4 FINGeRS has already registered in my mind for quite sometime now and I owe it to a couple of friends who have done frequently visiting the famous crispy chicken recipe from Singapore. I told myself that I have to try this one or else I would hate myself just in case this place goes big time!

So there I was oblivious of what I’ll be expecting, noticed a resemblance to another equally popular Korean crispy chicken brand that’s already making waves in the fast-food business. Let’s hide it’s name to BonChon.

All the while I thought to myself that this could be just the same with BonChon’s flavor and nothing new will excite me. But I was wrong. And I hate to say this but, 4 FINGeRS is far tasting even better than the above mentioned.

Upon the suggestion of my friend Jian, we ordered two (2) Chicken Rice Box Meal for P139 each that comes with a regular drink of your choice. I was even more amazed when our order came into a nice designed tin box which made our food adventure more exciting!

3 pcs. Chicken Rice Box meal P139.

As I grab my chicken and had my first bite, I couldn’t believe the goodness and crispiness of it. Adding more zing to the bite was my choice of how the chicken was flavored. Choices are in Soy, Hot, and Mix. I chose the Mix flavoring and man, it was really good! The highlight was the balanced soy and spice flavoring that I could really hold on inside mouth and into my tongue. It has the right amount of spiciness that I can tolerate to enjoy.

4 FINGeRS can hold on to its claim of a crispy chicken brand. The best part of it, there is no overwhelming after taste that would make you want to stop or get tired of having another set.

This is an experience that is so cool that up until now bugged me in my should have been a sleeping hour. You could just feel the excitement in me to write this down in the wee hours of the morning if this wasn’t so good.

Right now, 4 FINGeRS is available inside the SM City North EDSA, Upper Ground floor near National Bookstore. And soon, they will be opening their second branch at the SM City Manila.

4 FINGeRS coming soon at the SM City Manila.

If you’re curious now just as I was before, go and visit 4 FINGeRS and let your taste buds decide if my findings are well damn good or not. Don’t just take my word for it, try it!

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And for those who are looking for a value treat, 4 FINGeRS also have this 6 pc Chicken Get 2 Free Promo, Special Student Promo and Combo Meals.

Combo Meals.

Food: Approved.
Price: Approved.
Service: Approved.
Ambiance: Interesting.
Location: Approved.

Gimme4fingers! And let me go back to sleep again.

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