Chicken Charlie Is So Ordinary

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Chicken Charlie experience in Manila.

If you want to give yourself a reward from a hard days work and you’re craving for fried chicken, Chicken Charlie might not suit your taste.

My first try sucks. Chicken Charlie is so plain ordinary, one food that you can cook at home and make it even more better.

Ok for the good part. Chicken Charlie in Adriatico has a nice ambiance. It has a yummy interior colors that are exciting to the eyes that will make you feel hungry once you’re inside the store. Service is fine. They are fast and delivered our order in just the right time. Staffs smile at customers, which is good.

But… a big BUT. The chicken was bad. From the presentation all the way to the tummy.

Let me start. We ordered a 4 piece Drumstick combo (P239) that we picked from the menu board. One part, we asked for the Spicy flavor and 3 parts on a Soy Garlic. It was delivered on time together with one order of Wedges (P49) and two cups of rice. We were three persons by the way, and one of us doesn’t eat rice.

Right when it was brought down our table, I noticed the weird crumpled skin of the chicken – prolly because of the style of how it was fried? It has a puzzle-like design which amused the three of us.

Then I took a bite. Man, the coating was tough! It was hard like the outer part of the chicken was over-cooked. But I can tell you, it wasn’t over-cooked because the chicken meat inside was tender. Again, the coating was a tough one to bite into. It was too thick. Too much flour?

Remember we ordered only one part Spicy? Well, this was just a wild guess. It was either the oil used in deep frying was the same or when it was plated, the flavors combined with the other parts. Why? Because the spicy flavor was evident in all 4 chicken pieces. Bad.

May I also add that the color of the chicken wasn’t appetizing at all.

The “crumpled” Chicken Charlie.

Though the chicken was tender and cooked right, it was plain bland. No taste. The flavor was just evident on the skin and like what I’ve mentioned, you won’t enjoy it because the coating was too thick.

I don’t know of the other Chicken Charlie’s branch but my first time at Adriatico, I think will be my last.

And because I didn’t finish my one piece, it didn’t fill up my tummy.

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Food: Flop
Price: Good
Service: Good
Ambiance: Interesting
Location: Just a few distance walk from Robinsons Place in Manila


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