Hip and Hearty Dragon Chef

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Dragon Chef is located at the 4th level in TriNoma Mall in Quezon City.

Dimsum food and other Chinese cuisine are always available in every part of the Metro, like mushroom they can be found even in the smallest or narrowed street in any city.


Dragon Chef is a new entry to that all-time favorite cuisine. Created by Ricky Laudico and Chef Florabel Co, both respected restaurateur famous for their RobotoSan Japanese Grill Buffet, Sumo Sam, Florings BBQ & Grill, Crisostomo, and a number of fine dine-in restaurants that they co-owned and managed.

Dragon Chef is one of the latest addition in their business. 
“I myself love Chinese food and Dragon Chef is the latest addition to the brand restaurants that me and Chef Florabel handles. We just opened two weeks ago and surprisingly the customers instantly love us,” said Ricky during our small talk when we were invited to come over at their first branch at the 4th level in TriNoma Mall in Quezon City.

“I wanted something hip and healthy like what Chef Florabel likes also. The “dragon” came into my mind like it reminded me of Chinese martial arts movies, hence Dragon Chef was born”, added Ricky.

The colorful ambiance set-up inside the restaurant clearly shows a hip fine dining experience while enjoying a sumptuous treat from the Dragon Chef kitchen.

I love dimsum and when it comes to Chinese food, I will always be on the first line to sit on the table and fill my plate with dishes that I love ever since I was a kid.

In general, Dragon Chef delivers a hearty meal from the Siopao (Asado P148 and Bola-Bola P78), Kaipao (P148), Hakaw (P148), Mochi or Snowballs (P328) and their specialties like Emperor Wenzong (P338), Yuen Long Pork Belly (P458), Manchurian Calamari (P288), Wanchai Pork Asado with Lechon Macau (P318) that goes along perfectly with the Dragon Chef Fried Rice (P298).

Dragon Chef’s Hakaw P148.
Dragon Chef’s Kaipao P148.
Dragon Chef’s Emperor Wenzong P338.
Dragon Chef’s Manchurian Calamari P228.
Dragon Chef’s Wanchai Pork Asado with Lechon Macau P318.

Price is reasonably affordable considering each meal is good for 2-4 persons. Flavors of each dish represents authentic Chinese cuisine that we enjoy so much all the time.

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The place is kinda small but it’s perfect for intimate gatherings. I am sure they’re open for exclusive parties too. Here’s their number for your inquiries and reservations: (02) 621-4487.

Food: Approved.
Price: Reasonably Affordable.
Service and Ambiance: Approved.
Location: Approved.


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