Squeezing Our Way to Mezza Norte

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Mezza Norte in QC – Mercato Centrale Experience

It was raining. And roads are all slippery, making it hard for people to go out on a “bed weather” evening.

Surprisingly, swarm of feet troop the newest culinary adventure in UP-AyalaLand Technohub on it’s first night opening. Mezza Norte, the latest night food market from Anton Diaz and RJ Ledesma opens to the delight of the Quezon City folks and residents living out of the city.

I had to squeeze my way just to make rounds inside the tent with more than fifty food vendors, each of them giving a taste of their own styled gastronomical treats.

To tickle your fancy, here are some that The Juan Traveler would recommend when you visit Mezza Norte.


Bagwang by ManilaQ

The famous bagnet made even better. The Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 winner, November 2010, boasts of their crunchier pork part that they discovered, and it’s not the belly. Offered by ManilaQ, Bagwang also sells Sisig, Fish Ham, and Spicy Vigan Longaniza.

I tried it and man, it really is crunchier!

Jing Regalado’s Moist Chocolate Cake 

Moist Chocolate Cake.

For pastry lovers and those who have a penchant for sweet tooth, then the bake treats from the station that has no brand name might be a good choice for you. Jing Regalado’s Chocolate Moist Cake has that chewy bite and just the right amount of sweetness making the Moist Cake sinfully delicious. For cheat days, maybe you could have your self and grab a slice of this cake.

Edgy’s Food Trip 

Edgy’s Foodtrip.

Eating isn’t complete (or is it?) without having something to drink. And what healthier way to substitute sodas or high-calorie drinks is Edgy’s Food Trips juices. I remember having my first taste of edgy’s during their stint at Distrito in Makati. That’s why when I saw them at Mezza Norte, I grabbed my favorite Wintermelon juice that satisfied my thirst as I munch different treats inside the night food market.

Chef Resty’s 

Chef Resty’s Roast Beef Carving Station.

For those who are craving for roast beef, then Chef Resty’s the best place for you to try. Perfectly roasted meat plus rice, ciabatta bread and potato, foodies can choose from selected main entrees ranging to cost at Php 130 – Php 145. Ciabatta (instead of rice) goes perfect with the roast beef – just a suggestion.

Rockin’ Wings 

Rockin’ Wings.

DJ and Sigrid Buendia know their buffalo wings very well. The young couple who started their business at home inside UP Village, certainly can expand Rockin’ Wings into a full store because of its potential of getting big in the industry. Their buffalo wings are tastier, full of flavor, and definitely crispy.

“It’s how we process our mixture and our flavorful dips that makes our buffalo wings taste different from other brands,” says Sigrid.

I agree to that. When I tasted their dips, it felt good in the mouth. I was guessing it has that creamy vanilla flavoring but Sigrid told me that it’s a secret recipe.

For Php 85, you’ll get 3-pcs. buffalo wings and rice; Php 160 6-pcs buffalo wings; Php 200 8-pcs; Php 240 12-pcs.  Reasonably affordable plus you can have choices of two (2) sidings if you add Php 50.

For this tasty and crispy chicken meal, Rockin’ Wings is a must try. My only comment is that the chicken sizes are a bit small that it looks like bitin. If they can sell big sizes, maybe they can get many more satisfied customers. Other than that, it’s POP!

Tuguegarao’s Best 

Tuguegarao’s Best Pancit Ybanag.

I must say, I thought for a while that I would have never tasted another delicious pancit in my whole life after Buddy’s and those served in Chinese restaurant (not to forget to mention our own Filipino take on the Pancit Canton and Bihon), but after I tried Tuguegarao’s Best, it made me realized that I am still missing a lot of this pancit variety from different parts of the country.

The Pancit Ybanag Batil Patung taste different from the pancit from Lucban but equally delicious and mouthwatering.

Also I like the way it is cooked in the wok. I asked the server what makes Pancit ybanag different from other pancit and he told me that it the pancit itself that was home made. Oh! Nice.

Choices of all Meat, Chicken, and Seafood are available for all to try.

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So, are you guys hungry already? Visit Mezza Norte at UP-AyalaLand Technohub every Thu/Fri/Sat from 6PM to 3AM.


3 thoughts on “Squeezing Our Way to Mezza Norte

  1. Hi! We should have scanned the posts on Mezza Norte before going there. Should have at least tried the special pansit. There's simply too much choices it's difficult to decide where to start. Well, there's always a next time. 😉 Thanks for the info.

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