The Eclectic Twist of MiraMar Hotel

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MiraMar Hotel is located along Roxas Blvd., in Manila right across US Embassy.

Upon entering the hotel, one can already feel a sense of time-warping to the past era, the 1920s – 1930s, like you are brought back when vaudeville was the “in” thing of the decade because of MiraMar Hotel’s eclectic artistic and design style, which is art deco.

Art deco is a fusion of stylish design that began in Paris in the 1920s and was adapted in every part of the world, such as in Latin America, United States, Asia, Europe, just to name a few. Art deco flourished in that era, declined in the 1940s, and eventually resurfaced in the 1960s. Art deco is now considered as pioneering the popularization of graphic design in the 80s. Later it profound influences on many artistic designs, such as Memphis and pop art.

There you had a short background o the art deco and this is what you will experience upon checking in to Manila’s finest boutique hotel located along Roxas Boulevard, near the corner of Kalaw Street and right across US Embassy. You wouldn’t miss this hotel; once you passed by the strip because of its art deco facade which will remind you of the “old Manila” architectural designs. A familiar and more evident structure of a surviving art deco architecural style is the Manila City Hall and its clock tower. Now, are you getting the picture?

MiraMar Hotel is an old buildng that stood in the 1930s.

Let’s talk about their food first.

MiraMar Hotel’s own lounge is called Bistro Michelle, a probably derived from the owner who goes by the name, Michelle Pe.

Bistro Michelle

The dishes serve here are fusion dishes, such as the fusion rendition of pesto pasta and how they transfer the typical pesto into a Filipino styled dish, like Tuyo Vegetable and Pesto. “45% of our guests are foreigners and we wanted to offer them and to enjoy what the Philippines has to offer but not in the way to scare them – like offering them dinuguan, and slowly introducing them the Filipino dish. That’s the main objective when I designed the fusion dishes.” says Michelle.

Well, like what the owner said, they also have Sisa’s Pinakbet, the hotel’s rendition from the standard pinakbet dish, and made it into fried rice with pork crackling – the typical lechon kawali. “We gave it a little twist. It’s Php 400. You get a balanced diet, protein and carbohydrate.” she added

Oh and they also have what they call San Miguel Beef. Wonder what makes the San Miguel Beef dish? “It is main component San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen. We used the stewing method of beef and onion and adding the beer into it. It’s like classical French cooking style minus the wine but instead using pale pilsen, since it’s one of the best beer in Asia, even in Hong Kong. That was the take for conceptualizing San Miguel Beef and its one of our best-seller.” Michelle shared to us.

Who loves coffee and pastries? here at Bistro Michelle, located at the first floor of the hotel, offers unlimited coffee and pastries. “We wanted the customers to get value for money while they are having their meeting, like if they want to have coffee and at the same time nibble on something that is affordable, we launched the Afternoon Delight promo. It’s hard to compete with Starbucks, since we are located side-by-side to it, but if you’re looking for a value-for-money, our promo is available for only Php 250 per person versus the cheapest cup of coffee outside which is Php 90. This goes on from 2pm – 5pm unlimited coffee and pastries. We make our own pastries. That’s our edge. Everything is done here in the hotel and our breads and pastries are homemade, baked fresh everyday.” she continued.

Afternoon Delight promo – Php 250.00

It was afternoon when I arrived at the hotel and I partake in trying one of their selections,  the Chili Chocolate Cake. I fell in love with its spicy kicking flavor that shoots inside my mouth! Definitely, I am recommending the Chili Chocolate Cake to everyone who visits Bistro Michelle. I must say that it is weirdly delicious!

Chili Chocolate Cake, a must!

Apart from having their Afternoon delight promo, I had a wonderful overnight stay by the way. I had a good sleep and woke up to that morning sunshine directed n my bed!

The sun shines as I woke up early morning after a good night sleep at the Superior double room.    

So what’s with the hotel anyway?

“55% of our guests comes from the corporate accounts like the shipping companies. We have Aboitiz as one of our loyal patron for the past 8 years already. Trans-Global Maritime Agency and PV Maritime, are also our clients. Predominantly the shipping companies because they are strategically located near our hotel. We also have clients from the pharmaceutical and those who transacts with government offices. We also have the walk-ins which contributed to that 55% guests. These are the people who have appointments with the US Embassy. Because we are strategically located and affordable, and since most of the guests came far provinces like Cebu, and because the embassy required them to comeback like the application takes 3-4 days to complete, we became like the official home of these people,” Michelle told us when we asked her why MiraMar Hotel became the ‘most selected’ hotel in Manila.

Rainy Day promo

“Right now, we have special rates for local customers and for this season we have the 3 nights Rainy Day promo from July until the end of August. The 3 nights promo is good for Php 6300 for a double room (without breakfast).  For the walk-ins, we offer overnight stay at Php 3600 (double) and the Php 3800 (twin) rooms. If you’re one of the local we’ll extended up to 20% discount. It comes with the breakfast, Wi-Fi, and our accommodations.”
Aside from the fine dishes that they offer, they also have music lounge which opens with shows in different days with different genres. Mondays will be piano; Tuesday’s pop jazz,  Wednesday is variety; Thursday Top 40 and  Friday’s will be the 70s. “We let our guests feel and unwind with these different genres during the night. Most especially for those who are staying for 3 nights so they get to see different performances. We’d also extend discounts for hotel guests for drinks and bar chows. At the same for their next booking, if they become regular guest, we extend special rates for them,” Michelle added.

“Our performers to name a few, we had EJ Park, she is a Korean violinist, also known as  Eun Joo Park. We also had Mike Unson, stand-up comedian. We are pushing the bistro as the alternative to Music Museum, because here in Manila, there is no venue that offers this kind f entertainment nowadays. Me and my Marketing Officer occassionaly joked around that our bistro is a ‘sosy place without the sosy price‘. That’s one of our main thrust and our objective right now.”

“We are in the process of  having tour visit packages that we are eyeing like visit to Intramuros and other guests for group tour,”she said when I asked her if there are other activities outside the hotel for their guests.

About the Art Deco

Like what I’ve mentioned above, once you entered the building, a feel of art deco will be sense around. The old stylish yet classical architectural design from outside the hotel are visible all the way through out the lobby, hallway, and rooms. “We retained the original structure of our hotel and we also have an atrium. We have 40 rooms. With our art deco inspired, we we want our guests to have a feel like they are being transported,” added Michelle.

MiraMar Hotel has 6 type of rooms namely Deluxe (with double & twin selections); Superior (with double & twin selections); and Suite (with Junior and Presidential choices).
During my stay, I was billeted at the Superior double room that costs Php 4800. I enjoyed unlimited wi-Fi service and a set breakfast of Filipino Favourites entry, Tocino and brewed coffee.

Superior double room Php 4,800.00
Filipino Favourites: Tocino

During my check-in, I moved around the hotel, sneaked the stairs, elevator, lobby and hallway. I must agree with a friend who previously checked-in that there is a certain feel like the hotel is kinda “haunted”. I must admit, I did feel that way the first time I went upstairs to tucked in my belongings inside my room. Maybe it was the ambiance of the art deco, which means it has successfully achieve the atmosphere they wanted for the hotel. To make guests feel like being transported back in time.

The art deco stairs.
Elevator door made of hard wood.
Hallway upstairs.

I also noticed that the elevator stops in the 4th floor, only to find out that the original structure of the building from the 1930s to the 1970s, the hotel was designed with only four floors. Later on, the 5th floor was added. The Pe’s acquired the hotel in 2000.

View from the $th floor.

“Everything was carefully researched before we changed and moved, so we can successfully achieve the art deco theme for the hotel. You will see designs in the hallway inspired by the Egyptians art deco . If you would notice, some of our art decos are  very much Egyptian. We have several paintings in the lobby, like original oil paintings, but some displayed here are only replicas (for security purposes) that we got from the Metroplotian Theater. Everything is art deco, even the mural seen inside the bistro was copied from one of the posters. we commissioned painter, Tony Abrieto who is based in Germany, to do this mural,” Michelle proudly showed us the mural as we ended this conversation.

The mural painted by Tony Abrieto.

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MiraMar Hotel reception area.

With a very gracious host, attentive and friendly hotel people, MiraMar Hotel captured our positive nod and would be one of our hotel that we will recommend to people who wanted a different ambiance, eclectic, and artsy. MiraMar Hotel gets our approval.

Hotel Ratings:

Room Service: ★★★★★
Daily Breakfast: ★★★★★
Room Accommodations: ★★★★★
Location: ★★★★★
Value for Money: ★★★★★

See more of MiraMar Hotel Art Deco photos here:


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