Manang’s Chicken Cuts

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Manang’s Chicken, Tomas Morato branch.

Let’s assume you all have tried the fried chicken bandwagon in the country, thanks to the Korean-styled flavor that we have learned to patronized, these fried chicken brands are already setting-up trends in the market and for foodies as well.

And if you have come across our blog, you would have read some of the reviews that we made for these fried chicken brands. Not all chickens are created equal, we must say. There are brands that looks tastier on the outside but plain ordinary on the inside.

How about Manang’s Chicken?

Fortunately, we recently experienced Manang’s and as promised, here’s our review.

Among the brands that we have visited, including the latest, Clucky’s, we could say that Manang’s Chicken can stand up true with their slogan “Ang Bagong Fried Chicken ng Pinoy”.

Ang Bagong Fried Chicken ng Pinoy

We’re not gonna tell how crunchier and tastier their chicken is anymore but rather we’ll share why Manang’s is the “Bagong Fried Chicken”.

First, their branch looks like a popular Filipino fast-food chain which captures enticements for the customers.

Second, variety. Manang’s menu offers different choices from Fried Chicken, Chips (P39/P58), Chicken Sandwich, Spaghetti (P69), Fried Pancit (P85), Sesame Beef Stew (P99), Garlic Liempo Pork Liempo (P99), Fish Fillet (P99), Macaroni Salad (P30), Iced Tea and Lemonade beverages. A good marketing strategy that will make people come back again without getting tired of having the same fried chicken every time they visit Manang’s.

Third is delivery, and fourth their heavenly tasty Velvet Sundae (P45).

Velvet Sundae (P45)

If there’s one food entry, aside from their chicken that will make us go back to Manang’s is their moist velvety cake and fudge-covered vanilla ice cream.

At first I thought that their ice cream sundae is just the same with the other brands. But when I dug deeper and caught in my spoon the moist cake and put it straight inside my mouth, all that I can say to myself is “heavenly perfect!”

Moist velvety cake and fudge-covered vanilla ice cream.

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For taste and crunch, we give Manang’s Chicken a JUANderful rating of ★★★★★.
For variety, another JUANderful rating of ★★★★★.
For the store’s looks and ambiance, another JUANderful rating of ★★★★★.
While for the pricing, Manang’s Chicken almost slipped, but then again we’ll give it a JUANderful rating of ★★★★.

Price list:

Chicken Meal:
1pc.   – P99 (w/ Rice) / P124 (Spaghetti Meal)
2pcs. – P149 (w/ Rice) / P169 (Spaghetti Meal)
4 pcs. Wings – P137
6 pcs. Wings – P169
Solo 6 pcs.  – P374
Solo 12 pcs. – P739

Crispy Chicken Sandwich – P82
Drinks – P30 (Regular) / P45 (Large)

For full menu details, log-on to

My visit to Manang’s will not end there. I’m definitely going back to try another round and visit another branch to find out if servings will be the same.


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