Clucky’s Chicken Lays First Egg at Rockwell Business Center

Clucky’s Chicken Lays First Egg at Rockwell Business Center

In our previous blog review, we mentioned our fondness with the “chicken craze” that has been enjoying a lot of buzz nowadays, the so-called Korean-styled chicken. Call it any name you like. BonChon, Chicken Charlie, Manang’s Chicken, 4Fingers Crispy Chicken are just some of the many popular stores that uncovered the delicious treat of a double-fried chicken.

It is just surprising that another league of them sprouted anew in the metro. Clucky’s Chicken lays first egg at the suburban Rockwell Business Center in Ortigas Avenue, a step outside between Meralco main office and The Medical City.

Rockwell Business Center is quite subtle but the presence of RBC Towers 1 & 2 and the numbers of commercial establishments that encircled the buildings reveals a lot of good finds within the business center.

Clucky’s is situated at the ground floor of RBC Tower 2. A little bit hidden from the main front view, it’s a little bit of a challenge finding Clucky’s on first try. If you’re familiar with the place, I’m sure you wont get lost finding Clucky’s.

Clucky’s a Filipino-owned business that partners with Mad for Chicken, a known Korean-styled fried chicken based in the US. According to Jerome Tan, owner, their chicken is the freshest among the leading brands.

Okay, we’ll take his word for that. By the way, Clucky’s interior colors reminded me of Chicken Charlie. First impression there. If you’re subscribing on our blog, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Too much of an intro. It’s time to review.

I must say that their House Salad and Spicy Crabmeat Salad can level with salads that are being served in hotels. I am not that much of a salad guy, but these two treats from Clucky’s opened another chance for me to add salad on my meals.

The House Salad has a perfect sweet taste that I prefer, other than the usual sour vinegar flavor. Maybe it’s the dressing which is not that much and also the fresh grapes and ripe mango added the sweetness to the salad. House Salad is available for P119.

House Salad is available for P119.

The Spicy Crabmeat Salad is another awesome treat. Jerome takes pride that they selected prime crab meats for this salad. And yes, they really did a perfect mix and there’s no wild after taste. Spicy Crabmeat Salad is available at P159.

Spicy Crabmeat Salad is available at P159.

Chicken Burger:
If there are Chicken Burgers that I really like as far as the brands are concern, it’s the Zinger from KFC and McChicken from McDonald’s. They’re the epitome of a branded chicken sandwich for me.

Then I tasted Clucky’s. Perfect! From the buns, the dressing (I think it’s mustard), and the tender juicy chicken meat, man I will keep on coming back for this one!

Not only it is juicy, but the outside thin layered crisp skin of the meat gives the impression that it is all about tasty meat that you’ll enjoy from the first bite up unto the last.

The Chicken Burger is available at P65 but if you want a complete meal, there’s the Chicken Burger Meal for P115 with Clucky’s signature Parmesan Fries (small) and 12 oz. Soda or Iced Tea.

Chicken Burger is available at P65.

Clucky’s Calamari is also an exceptional treat and with the store’s variety of food choices, this crunchy Calamari is perfect while downing a bottle or two of branded beers that is openly available in the counter.

Calamari is available for P119.

Clucky’s Calamari

A fried chicken meal wouldn’t be complete without a side dish like potato fries or wedges, right? here at Clucky’s, they served thick-cut fries coated with Parmesan and served with a choice dips – Spicy Mayo or Aioli Sauce. Or if you’re like me, you can still ask for the good old ketchup.

The country-styled Parmesan Fries is available in small (P49) and large (P79) sizes. If you’ll compare their large size to fast-food french fries, Clucky’s far better in servings and is a good snack deal.

Parmesan Fries

What is a Korean-inspired food chain without the Bulgogi? Clucky’s offers a Bulgogi Rice Topping Meal with 12 oz. Soda or Iced Tea for only P149.

The Bulgogi Meal is another tummy treat for those who wants to go heavy.

Bulgogi Meal

Another Korean dish that Clucky’s refined into a new and exciting twist, the Kimchi Meal is another heavy main course that will satisfy your hunger, especially if you love the traditional fermented Korean dish, Kimchi.

Kimchi Meal, complete meal mixed with fried rice is available for P149 with 12 oz. Soda or Iced Tea.

Kimchi Meal

Clucky’s wont be Clucky’s if they aren’t serving fried chickens. And yes, they have Wings, Drums, Combo and Tenders.

Clucky’s Combo

While me and the rest of the guys were enjoying the food mentioned above, our nose pointed us to their kitchen where the fried chickens are being cooked. Based on the flavorful smell, I can tell already that the chickens gonna turn out to be a delightful treat! And I was not disappointed. In fact, when the Soy Garlic flavored chicken were brought to our table, I grabbed mine and munched on it. If there was a contest on how many chicken wings and drums that a person can finish in a minute, I’ll probably be a good contender to that!

As if the chicken “fell on the floor”, I patiently waited for the second batch, the Spicy flavored chicken that will be served in a few minutes.

And there it was. The spicy aroma even challenged me more to grab my first bite of the sizzling hot fried chicken! Whew! On my first bite, I knew there was something chili-awesome and I continue to munch until I finished it off. Yes, it’s a real spicy treat and if you like it more hot and spicy, this one is for you.

Good thing I asked and ordered for a beer. And it’s not the regular brand that I drank during that sitting. With the suggestion of fellow blogger, we downed two bottles each of Stella Artois. Its label says it’s Belgium’s Original. And oh yeah, it’s crisp taste and the mild flavor just made my Clucky’s trip enjoyable.

Clucky’s Combo and a bottle of cold Stella Artois.

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For taste and crunch ★★★★★.
For variety ★★★★★.
For the store’s looks and concept ★★★★★.
Price ★★★★.
Location ★★★.

Clucky’s Wing Meal is available at P139.
Clucky’s Drums Meal is available at P79 / P139
Wings (8-24 pcs.) from P229 – P669
Drums (4-12 pcs.) from P229 – P669
Combo (6-18 pcs.) from P229 – P669
Tenders P199
Chicken Tenders Salad P149
Stella Artois P120

By the way, for a delightful dessert, their Homemade Premium Gelato is a must! For only P69 comes in five exciting flavors: Banoffe, Dark Chocolate, Oreo Cheesecake, Coco Cruch and Mango Sorbet.

Homemade Premium Gelato

For more details, visit Clucky’s Facebook page: or follow on Twitter,

Here’s a treat for you dear readers. If you can answer and share your favorite Clucky’s famous product(s) or what Clucky’s product you want to try, we’ll give-away P1,000 GC worth of Clucky’s products for you to enjoy.

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