Kalibo Bound Zest Air Review

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Zest Air brought as safely back to the ground without flight delay.

“Reading those bad reviews of Zest Air just hours before our flight made me doubt my decision of purchasing that promo fare from the recent Travel Mart. It’s like a nightmare waiting to happen, if it does happen – I mean the delayed flights, the uncomfortable scenario inside the terminal, the lost baggage, etc. I Did not receive any SMS that our flight’s cancelled though.” These were the thoughts that kept haunting me hours before me and my “are we there yet?” kids, vacay to Boracay this September. I booked our Boracay trip last August and got a good promo deal from the airline and the hotel, Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway.

So far so good, except for the traffc along the way, we got at the terminal early and quickly proceeded to the checking area. We got inside the boarding area swiftly and left Manila five minutes before the scheduled departure time. Nice.
Surely, it was an almost perfect one-way trip as we took off 25,000 above the ground and landed at Kalibo International Airport safely. We were there before 1PM. Then I waited patiently as my tripod was being carried to the non-working conveyor. That was even though I was against of declaring it as baggage because i heard stories that for some instances, tripods occasionally got lost whenever it was declared as baggage in this airline. It didn’t. I got my precious BENRO tripod back. Oh by the way, model-turned-actor Daniel Matsunaga was also on that same flight. We spotted him waiting for his baggage too.
Zest Air have enough leg room for passengers.
Brapanese model-turned-actor Daniel Matsunaga flocked by fans at Kalibo International Airport.
Daniel Matsunaga going solo.
As I was about to look for a van to bring us to Caticlan, I was greeted by a friendly smile and was offered a van and boat ride package for P250. Well, I thought that was cool enough so I paid for three fares and off we go. The travel time from Kalibo to Caticlan almost reached an hour and a half. The weather was a cloudy afternoon as a low-pressure area was announced on weather channels that morning. Aklan is almost the same as every provinces but once you see their powdery white sand beaches, that’s when you’ll see the differences. Some parts of Aklan going to Caticlan reminded me of   Baguio, Olongapo and Ilocos Norte as the van managed the zig-zag roads behind deep ravines. We arrived at Jetty Port at exactly 3PM. That road trip is definitely longer than our plane ride. From there, it’s one boat and tricycle ride before we set foot in Boracay. I paid P100 and P75 for the terminal and environmental fees in three’s.
Here’s a tip. If you want to save more money and time, try not to take the van and boat ride package. It’s a little expensive plus the ferry ride is not the ideal boat ride. Imagine this, if I just picked a regular van, I’ll just pay P100 and ONLY P25 for the regular boat ride found in Jetty Port. Not only it’s cheaper – it would have save me P125 more if that was the case. Also, these regular bancas leaves the port with only five minutes interval unlike the ferry ride which took as one more tiring hour as we wait for the boat to dock as it was still waiting for passengers from the other side of the sea. If you are just as excited to get to the island as early as possible, this van and boat ride package is not for you.
The Oyster Ferry boat – a little bit classy but pricey.
If you want to go where the locals go, these banca rides are much cooler, and affordable!
It was already 4PM when we left Jetty Port and it only took us five more minutes to reach Malay, Boracay island dock. Well, I guess, I am more pissed at this ferry boat ride than what I was expecting from Zest Air.
No bad review for our Kalibo bound flight. Good job, Zest Air!

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Going back with Zest Air, for a first-timer like me, I find this airline cool enough. Maybe, our flight was just lucky from being cancelled and delayed. Inside the airbus was a clean and fresh atmosphere. The air-conditioning  system was even strong enough that you can see cool smokes coming out of the ventilation. The seating also have an ample leg room. FA’s were nice and attentive too. Oh yes, they do have pretty faces. I just find it funny when these FA’s announced they have “sumptuous snacks and goodies galore” on their in-flight food trolley. Really? And you better keep your ears on the radar when these pretty girls pronounced “snacks for sale” to “snecks for sale”! Just having fun there!

Anyways, my fear of having a bad flight was erased from this first-time departing from Manila experience. 

BUT, yes, a big but, I still have to experience the flight back to Manila. If both flights turned okay, then Zest Air must have really improved and deserves to be commended. So let’s just wait and see. This will be the first part of our Zest Air first-time experience. The next one will be right after our vacation when we get back to Manila.

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