SOSING Specialties – A Blast From The Past

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Sosing carinderia where foodies of different genres dine and meet!

Have you ever tried dining out, Filipino style? This is not your usual fast food favorites. Well of course, this is what our lolo’s and lola’s, tatay’s and nanay’s real fast food!

Carinderia or karinderya, lutong-bahay, kainan sa kanto, turo-turo – call it whatever you like. But this is where you’ll find real tasty and mouth watering food serve Filipino style!

And where will you find such if you’re in a busy area like the boundaries of Manila and Makati? Well, you can visit and try SOSING Specialties, located at 5819 Zobel Roxas Ave. Already a fixture for so many years now, SOSING is frequently visited by almost anyone who enjoys the good tasting food serve here. From the tasty Nilagang Baka, Inihaw na Baboy, Inihaw na Tilapia and so much more, you will definitely come back again for another round once your taste bud savors the home-style cook meals of SOSING.

Customers vary from layman workers to the white & blue collar employees. Not to forget also the small and big time entrepreneurs who passed by Zobel Roxas and stopped by SOSING to dine in. When you pass this area, you will definitely see the cars parked alongside the eatery and opposite lane, signaling that SOSING is a real crowd favorite. You will also experience a waiting time before you get to have your seat, indicating a full packed customer lining up.

Well, almost every corner street in the Metro have their own karinderia’s and some of them offers real tasting food. It’s just this luck that Juan Manila discovers SOSING Specialties.

What ever karinderia you prefer, always make sure that the place is safe to dine-in and is practicing clean hygiene when you eat out. Smiling owners and attentive food servers are also a plus point, be it a street eatery or your favorite air-con fast food chain.

If you ever get caught in a traffic along Zobel Roxas, why not stopped by at SOSING Specialties and you be the judge of their classic all time Filipino dishes!

All hands and mouth full from these flavorful Pinoy dishes.

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Customers vary from layman workers to the white & blue collar employees

*Originally published on February 23, 2010 at
*Photos by Juan Manila


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