The mysteries that surrounds Laperal House in Baguio City

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The Laperal House along Leonard Wood in Baguio City.

The mysteries that surrounds Laperal House in Baguio City, also known as the Laperal White House still haunts over the decades and people from all places are still wondering of what really had happened to the Laperal family, one of the oldest and influential clan in Baguio.

Built in the 1920s (some say in 1930s), the Laperal family who owned the house, according to stories, were brutally killed by Japanese soldiers during the World War II. The last of the clan to have survived, Roberto Laperal, died a few years back when he accidentally slipped and hit his head inside the house’s yard.

Owned by Laperal family, this house was built in the 1920s during the Japanese occupation in the country.

From the gates of Laperal House, we were not permitted to go inside because the gates are locked, looks nice and you could say it is maintained diligently. The house is one of the earliest art deco architectural designs built in Baguio City. Folks say that only those who have contacts with the new owner are allowed. Apparently, business tycoon Lucio Tan now owns the house. But even Baguio folks were surprised upon hearing that.

Gates of Laperal House are padlocked from estranged visitors.  It is said that Lucio Tan bought the house to serve as guesthouse. There are also circulating rumors that a few years back, people were seen digging within the house’s premises to look for gold.

Even though the house looks nice, there is something paranormal and creepy just by mere staring at it from afar.

The house is located at #14 Leonard Wood and reportedly, the ghost of a young girl is seen haunting the residence.

They say that people see the ghost of a young lady which haunts the old house.
The ghost of the young lady is seen from the house’s windows. Can you see her?

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