Tonkatsu Kurobota you like?

The crispy and flavorful Tonkatsu Kurobota perfect for your discerning taste buds.

Once in our life, we got to taste authentic cuisines that we really take pride in consuming, and every time we had one, it’s just fitting to give it the utmost recognition it deserves!

Last October, popular and fastest growing casual dining Japanese restaurant chain, SumoSam recently launched new products simultaneously unveiling it in all their branches all over the country.

One product that really caught our discerning taste buds and hungry tummy is the new Tonkatsu Kurobota! I have never tasted a Tonkatsu sooo good that I had to order back not just once, but thrice of this newly offered meal from SumoSam.

Others say that if you’re looking for real Katsu experience, you better try Yabu: The House of Katsu, but I haven’t been there. Maybe when I visited that place I could share my experience. But clearly, among all the fine dining and fast-food Japanese restaurants that I have been to, this one from SumoSam really puts ‘wow’ on my mouth!

Crisp in the outside, tender on the inside – that’s how SumoSam’s Tonkatsu Kurobota is cooked from the prized pork Black Berkshire.

Tonkatsu Kurobota is the most highly prized pork in Japan and comes from an ancient breed of pig known as Black Berkshire. It’s likely to be compared with our local baboy ramo and if you have tasted a baboy ramo you’ll tell me that this native hog taste really good!

This is why when we had our Tonkatsu Kurobota, we just couldn’t help ourselves of enjoying the crisp deep-fried perfection and tenderness of its meat, just like the traditional Japanese cooking techniques!

It’s really mouthwatering and you should try it also. It’s a bit pricey for P499, but with that, you’ll get Gohan and a Tofu Miso Soup, Tonkatsu Sauce, and sesame dressing of black and white sesame seeds!

A special black and white sesame seeds dressing compliments  this delectable  Tonkatsu meal.

The all new meal is the latest addition to SumoSam’s growing menu together with the all-new SumoSam Pizza in three flavors: Chicken Teriyaki & Mango – which is by the way is the best tasting teriyaki pizza I have ever tasted; Shrimp Enoki, and Kani & Cheese.

For Soba lovers, SumoSam now also serves four new flavors: Ten Zaru Cha Soba, Kani Soba Salad, Zaru Cha Soba (Green), and Zaru Soba (Brown).

For desserts, indulge with Meringue with Avocado and Mango Coulis, the Ice Cream Trio (Avocado, Strawberry and Wasabi), Mochi Ice Cream and the Chocolate Ganache Cake (with chocolate dipped oranges and wasabi ice cream). I love Ganache!

SumoSam is fast expanding nationwide with and recently opened another one in Davao (the third for the province), last October at the Ground Floor, Fountain Court in SM Lanang Premier. The owners are actor/entrepreneur Marvin Agustin, Chef Ricardo Laudico and restaurateur Raymund Magdaluyo who opened their first SumoSam branch in Shangri-La Plaza sometime in 2005.

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If you too love SumoSam’s Tonkatsu Kurobota, share it with us!

Until the next food trip, itadakimasu!

Price: ★★★★
Flavor: ★★★★★
Location: ★★★★★



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