Good times at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Day 2

Welcome to Ocean Park Hong Kong!

Hello there! It’s our Day 2 in Hong Kong and today we decided to make the most out of it by spending the day in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Ocean Park Hong Kong – at Aberdeen, Hong Kong  is much like our Enchanted Kingdom in the Philippines but Ocean Park Hong Kong is much bigger and to tell you guys, you won’t finish visiting all the rides and amusement in one day. Plus, this is based on our experience, you will, and I’m sure, end with a sore feet trekking while enjoying all the sights here!

Ocean Park Hong Kong map guide will come in handy for foreign visitors like us. Ocean Park Hong Kong is a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park, situated in Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan in the Southern District of Hong Kong covering an area of 870,000 square meter (210 acres of land), separated by a large mountain in two areas – The Summit (Headland) and The Waterfront (Lowland). Isn’t that big?

Ocean Park Hong Kong is celebrating its 35th year and for those coming this December, they are offering a lot of promos, discounts and fantastic rides. Read related article here.

But before we take you there, come join our breakfast. Where else? McDonald’s!

7: 49 AM

McDonald’s at Cameron Road is just a 5 minute walk from Kimberley Hotel.

It’s a perfect day for tourists like us coming from a tropical country because today is a mild cold weather. Sun is out but the cold climate makes the weather just at the right amount.

It’s a cold morning walk outside the hotel

From the looks of McDonald’s here, it seems as if it’s the same back home. But when you see their menu board, you’ll see the difference. What we call Breakfast Meal, they call it Deluxe Breakfast in Hong Kong. Servings are almost the same but it won’t short-change your appetite. Also, the packaging of condiments have good amounts, like their maple syrup for the pancakes, which will make everyone’s breakfast enjoyable. They don’t serve powdered creamers for coffee here. Instead, they include half of a quarter pint of fresh milk. And since I love my coffee black, I returned the unused fresh milk and the crew smiled back at me.

Inside McDonald’s along Cameron Road in Kowloon.
McDonald’s Hong Kong counter area.
Deluxe Breakfast

Azrael and I both had Pancakes and Sausage and Premium Coffee for HK$36, that’s almost Php 220 in our currency. And you can use your Octopus Card here. Tara let’s eat!

Big breakfast to start of a big day ahead!
Azrael poses for the camera before indulging his meal.
Let’s bring it on!
Here’s where you can use your Octopus Card. Just touch into the machine and your purchase(s) are registered.
Azrael posing once more for a souvenir shot.

9:22 AM

After our breakfast and an early morning walk at Kowloon Park, we went back to the hotel to meet Ms. Gigi Wong of SL Travel for our call-time where a shuttle will bring us to Ocean Park Hong Kong. We join a group of tourists for that tour.

for more interesting updates!

Here we come, Ocean Park Hong Kong!

9:43 AM

Now we are inside the shuttle bus with Ms. Gigi Wong, and she constantly reminded us of the do’s and don’ts once inside Ocean Park Hong Kong. We expect to arrive at the park within 30 minutes or so depending on the traffic on the road.

Our Ocean Park Hong Kong  travel guide, Ms. Gigi Wong of SL Travel.

Bottled water costs much inside the park so we bought ours that is being sold inside the shuttle for HK$5.

My baon. This would be perfect if I brought along my Bobble drinking bottle for this trip!

We were transported via the Cross-Harbour Tunnel that connects Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.You may also use the MTR or Star Ferry to get to Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Inside the Cross-Harbour Tunnel.

10:08 AM

Azrael stepping out of the shuttle when we arrived at Ocean Park Hong Kong after a 25 minute ride.

Azrael seems to be hurrying to step out of the shuttle. Excited much!

Getting inside Ocean Park Hong Kong

10:23 AM

Flaunting our passes to Ocean Park Hong Kong, which you too can win here. Just follow our blog for details.
Gates are open! Welcome to Ocean Park Hong Kong!
This kid has lots of reasons to smile here at Ocean Park Hong Kong.
Ocean Park Hong Kong is for all ages!

Follow us on our Ocean Park Hong Kong tour!



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