Afternoon tea time at The Lounge in New World Makati Hotel

Yummy baked goodies!

What’s your afternoon gonna be like today? Quiet? Dull? Boring and lazy?

Why not step-out of your zone and let New World Makati Hotel comforts you with delicious afternoon delights inside their newest food hub, The Lounge and enjoy a wonderful treats from great chefs, Executive Chef Ivan Chieregatti and Pastry Chef John Magtibay.

Executive Chef Ivan Chieregatti vividly shared with us what’s in store for the Afternoon Set Tea.

Now that is an intro!

More often and not, our afternoons are mostly spent in cafeterias, malls, or just sitting quietly in our own backyard, while enjoying a cool drinks or hot beverages, which we prepared ourselves. We try to shy away from spending time inside a fine dining places, much more if it’s in a hotel, thinking because it’s way beyond our spending capacity. Tend, we missed out something great.

There are good choices and well-speak for the budget, if we just look around. And if we may, here’s a peek of what New World Makati Hotel offers on their afternoon delights.

The Lounge, at the left-wing lobby area of New World Makati Hotel, is the newest coffee (and tea) hang-out. And recently, we were invited to have a glimpse of how to make our afternoons more delightful with NWMH Afternoon Tea Set at the Lounge.

Let’s go first with the price, just because we know, we always ask first ‘how much‘, right? Okay. The Afternoon Tea Set is available for Php 995. Sounds costly? Wait until you read the specs (parang gadgets lang, hehehe). Alright, details, we know that. Just wanna cheer you up first before you spend that money of yours! Just kidding.

For that price, Php 995, you’ll be enjoying a selection of assorted finger sandwiches, local snacks, scones, pastries, and ice cream served with a range of tea (yes!) and coffee (again, yes!) to compliment this meal. I know you’re already contemplating but because it’s close to a thousand bucks, you wanna turn your heads back.

Wait! Didn’t we tell you that Php 995 is good … tantararan! It’s good for two persons! Oh, see?! Compute it and that’s only (almost) Php 497.50 each and you’ll be having a wide arrays of afternoon delights. Compare it with your regular coffee shop’s consumption and cost. Plus, this Afternoon Set is available everyday from 2:30 to 5:30 pm. That’s 3 hours of non-stop meryenda indulgence!

The Afternoon Tea Set is open from 2:30-5:30 pm everyday at The Lounge, New World Makati Hotel.

Sold to that?

Here’s more. For a price of Php 1,795, this meal will upgrade with two (2) glasses of Piper Heidsieck Champagne, making your afternoon tea time more romantic and sosyal!

Isn’t that more romantic (and sosyal) when you’re enjoying a glass of Piper Heidsieck Champagne along the Afternoon Tea Set?

That’s not the end of it all because, as a special introductory offering, NWMH will give a 30% discount off your preferred afternoon teat for the entire month of March! Kewl!

So let’s take a look of their choices:

Chocolate afternoon tea
Dark chocolate cheese cake, Cocoa tartlets, white milk chocolate cream, Chocolate trilogy millefeuille, and Chocolate éclair + Assorted finger sandwiches + Choclate scones and Chocolate empanadas + Chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Afternoon Tea.

Strawberry afternoon tea
Strawberry cheesecake (one of our favorites), Strawberry tartlets, Strawberry millefeuille, and Poached strawberry in dark chocolate + Assorted finger sandwiches + Strawberry scones and empanadas + Strawberry and vanilla ice cream.

Strawberry Afternoon Tea.

Coffee afternoon tea
Coffee cheesecake, Tartlets, white coffee and vanilla cream, Coffee millefeuille, and Coffee éclair + Assorted finger sandwiches + Coffee scones and empanadas + Coffee and vanilla ice cream.

Ice cream!

Those are the selections and if you want to know more about The Lounge and want to make reservations, call 811-6888, extension 3035.

The Lounge.

So, will it be the regular coffee shop or The Lounge? Invite your friends, colleagues, and business associates at the Afternoon Tea Set. Enjoy the afternoon delights while discussing business proposals, creating new materials for work, or just simply hang-out and get cozy with friends or family. Give yourself a treat even just once in a while.

See you there!


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